Catharine's Story

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Catharine's Quality of Life Homes, a Colorado non profit company, was founded in 1992, by a husband and wife team, Dick and Penny Page to provide a more nurturing environment for Dick"s mother, Catharine, who had both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. For nine years, Dick and Penny provided the "hands on" care for Catharine and others with dementia.


To better address his mother's needs, Dick moved her from out of state to a large Colorado nursing facility near him. In his daily visits he observed that the majority of her day time hours were spent in front of a television or sitting alone with minimal human interaction with other residents or staff. Even in the shadow of her dementia she was aware enough to tell him that "there is no quality to my life living like this."


Shortly after her admission, Dick heard about residential assisted living homes and visited all of them in the Denver metro area. Sadly, Dick observed staff also using television as a "time filler" or an excuse to avoid meaningful social interaction between them and residents. Catharine's quality of life became such an important family issue that Dick built a home for her and took a leave of absence from the "corporate world" to hire caregivers for his mother. Finding no qualified dementia caregivers, Dick provided the "hands on" care for his mother and soon decided to open the home as an assisted living home. Caring for his mother and other persons with memory loss was such a rewarding and life changing experience that Dick never returned to the corporate world. For nine years he provided the care for his mother and other persons with memory loss. With this background he, personally understands your emotions, concerns and your loved-one's needs.

Our Mission

At Catharine's Quality of Life Homes we are deeply committed to enriching the quality of life of persons with dementia. As a family that has cared for a loved-one with dementia, we are passionate about helping individuals live life to its fullest by providing daily mental, physical and social stimulation.

We are personally dedicated to providing the highest quality individualized one-on-one care to help individuals function at their highest level of independence. Our philosophy is to treat each person as we would our own parents; with compassion, dignity and respect.

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