Activity Program

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"The mind may have forgotten but the heart still remembers the joy of a warm smile, gentle touch and a special hug."

State Recognition

Catharine's was recently honored by the Colorado State Ombudsman Program when they selected our activity program as the model to train their volunteers. They did so because our activity program is designed to keep residents active and meaningfully engaged in life as staff personally interacts with each individual. The foundation of our program is a variety of innovative activities that stimulate the senses, are positive, upbeat, and life affirming and flow naturally from one to another throughout the day. At Catharine's our family members don't passively observe life; they actively live it.

Life Enrichment

Our activities meet residents' individualized needs and interests and provide daily physical, social and cognitive stimulation in a calm, relaxing environment. We have found that our activity program prevents residents from dwelling on their disease, reduces their anxiety, depression and behavioral issues, and minimizes their need for medications. Most importantly, whether sharing a cup of coffee or engaging in a family-oriented activity, we give residents individualized attention and engage them in activities that are fun and bring smiles to their faces.

Family-Oriented Activities

  • Individual resident hobbies/interests
  • Daily Exercises - Daily walks (100yds to 4 miles)
  • Music - Dance - Aroma - Pet therapy
  • Alzheimer's Colorado Chapter - Memories in the Making Art Program
  • Cooking, baking projects & gardening program
  • Reminiscing (500-600 old photos)
  • Old classic movies, musicals, travelogues
  • Crafts - Games - Activity tables
  • Supervised family-life experiences such as cooking, setting the table, folding laundry etc.

How We Set the Standard

  • Activity Program honored by Colorado State Ombudsman Office
  • Utilize "Best Friends" Care Model
  • Innovative use of music as a behavioral intervention
  • Highest Staff/Resident ratio in Colorado (2-3 staff per 6-7 residents)
  • Staff has extensive training in all types of dementia and receives ongoing monthly in-service education
  • Daily Resident wellness checks
  • Management meet bimonthly to monitor the progression of each resident's dementia; adjustments are made to their care plan and activity program
  • Minimalists concerning medications; fewer medications the better
  • Nutritionist created menus
  • For resident safety, night staff is available
  • Personal family support throughout the disease process
  • Family education through Catharine's training courses